Hot New Tech Tools for the Classroom


New tech tools using virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) are changing the game for teachers–immersing students in an engaging, effective learning experience that goes far beyond textbook learning.

Let’s take a look at a few:

Google Tour

Google Tour allows students to create their own virtual-reality based tours of the world without any prior technical knowledge. The tool relies on imagery gleaned from Google Earth, but can also be synced with additional 360 imagery.

Using Google Tour, teachers and students can recreate and “travel” to places mentioned in geography and social sciences–giving richer context to events past and present.

Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest is a virtual reality-based headset developed by Facebook for gaming. This high-end, responsive headset may be used by teachers to provide a uniquely high-engagement learning experience for students. Unlike the more basic Google Cardboard used for Google Tour, Oculus Quest allows students to actively engage with their surroundings.


Databot is Microsoft’s version of a virtual talking assistant, relying on artificial intelligence to process natural language and respond. Databot not only provides answers to questions; it can also be synthesized with various apps and services to provide images, search services, and multimedia presentations.

Teachers can use DataBot as a classroom assistant, helping to answer questions from students and quickly retrieve information.


Bridget is a virtual robot that can be accessed and interacted with using a special headset that relies on “mixed reality,” a combination of virtual reality and actual reality.  The headset–called “Bridge”–projects Bridget into the actual room or location of the wearer, allowing the wearer to engage with the virtual robot.

This kind of mixed reality poses exciting new possibilities for teachers in design. For example, a student might see how a virtual object appears in their natural classroom environment.

Teaching the Next Generation to Develop Tech: CodeRev Kids

The tools above are certainly powerful aids for teaching young students. But what about preparing kids to develop tech tools themselves?

CodeRev Kids is a program that teaches coding, robotics, game-based learning, 3D design and animation, and Minecraft modding and STEAM. By engaging in this program, students have an opportunity both to learn coding skills and apply them creatively. Ultimately, CodeRev aims to equip the next generation to build the “hot tech tools” of the future.


John Stuppy, EDUMETRIX president, helps ed-tech products & services companies grow fast, dominate their market & prepare to sell.  John is a successful global ed-tech leader. He guides, mentors & drives companies to hit aggressive business and education goals using his hands-on management experience & technology savvy in rare combination with stellar academic credentials, strategic vision and sales expertise.


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