Education Technology Products Trending In 2019

education technology trending

Every year, new ed-tech products are introduced in the classroom.  Some get traction and take off, while others don’t.

What’s trending in ed-tech in 2019?  Here are some categories and products to watch.

#1:   Research & Writing

  • Microsoft’s PowerPoint QuickStarter automatically researches a topic and creates a presentation outline with relevant pictures, video clips, references, etc.
  • The best way to improve writing is to write and get feedback. But a teacher with 25 students per class period and 5 classes a day can be overwhelmed with 125 essays to grade per assignment. Automated essay grading software and apps that submit essays to outsourced writing experts provide the fast feedback students need to improve writing and free up teachers for other things.
  • Writing management software supports peer-to-peer essay grading.  Students learn a great deal by grading other students’ work, and studies suggest students put in more effort when writing for peers vs. when writing for a teacher’s grade.

#2: Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR and AR)

  • VR Quest uses game design and project-based learning in a virtual world to teach real-life skills. Fun to use and academically rich. 

#3: Coding, Robotics and Games

  • CodeREVkids teaches coding and robotics and common-core math standards using Minecraft.  Students can program and share games too.

#4:  Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all the buzz these days. But what can AI do for education?

#5:  Gamification,

  • Gamification is a fun, effective way to keep students engaged in learning. Many of these games use algorithms to create appropriate personalized learning experiences for students.

What trends do you see? What products are promising? Why?

I welcome your feedback.


John Stuppy, EDUMETRIX CEO, helps ed-tech products & services companies grow fast, dominate their market & sell for maximum value.  John is a successful global ed-tech leader.  He guides, mentors & drives companies to hit aggressive business and education goals using his hands-on management experience & technology savvy in rare combination with stellar academic credentials, strategic vision and sales expertise.

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  1. Tracey says: gamified learning resource mapped to the UK curriculum with real quality.

  2. Ben Aghion says:

    We’re seeing tremendous growth in the K-12 IT market with our OS, CloudReady.

    Digital equity is a growing challenge, particularly for the largest urban districts that have great disparities in parent and school budgets/resources. As a result, many kids don’t have adequate computer access, putting them at a disadvantage for doing homework, accessing online tools/resources and learning how to work in a modern way.

    We turn districts’ old PCs and Macs (up to 13 years old) into faster, better-performing, longer-lasting and easier-to-manage Chrome computers. This saves money vs. buying new comps, increases computer access, and decreases support & admin costs for IT, while fitting seamlessly into Google’s Admin Console.

    Other folks are tackling these same challenges, to shore up the huge portion of our country’s schools and districts whose IT resources still aren’t up to par. Kajeet, Clever, etc. Worth a look if you’re not yet tapped into the space.

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