EdTech Trends to Watch in 2020


In 2020, expect to see the following EdTech trends:

EdTech Trend #1: Immersive Learning

An increase in ​immersive learning​ — Using cutting-edge strategies and technology to engage students with lessons and subject matter on an entirely new level.

EdTech Trend #2: Project-based Learning

Project-based learning & student-directed decision making – Compelling students to collaborate, rely on critical thinking, and make self-directed decisions to solve real world problems.

EdTech Trend #3: LTE Chromebooks

LTE Chromebooks in the classroom – Laptops or tablets primarily used to run tasks in Google Chrome, and store data on the cloud. In 2019,​ ​85% of schools​ and districts in the U.S. had a Chromebook. In 2020, expect this number to rise even higher.

EdTech Trend #4: Real data collection, analysis, & coding

Real data collection, analysis & coding – ​For example, databots are small (1.7”) low-cost cubes that have more than a dozen sensors and a programming environment that can pick up data on sound, temperature, movement, and more. Students can use this to collect data, perform analysis, and learn coding.

EdTech Trend #5: VR & AR

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality (VR & AR) – ​Tools such as VR Quest use a headset to provide a truly immersive learning experience.

EdTech Trend #6: STEM

STEM including Robotics (science, technology, engineering, mathematics)– Schools are increasingly catching on to the critical importance of preparing our next generation for careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics). Programs such as CodeREV Kids focus on STEM with hands-on robotics educational programs. For example, students can create a car using a 3-D printer and incorporate numerous sensors and programming to control their creations.

Do you see other trends for 2020, or products that are promising? Why?


John Stuppy, EDUMETRIX president, helps ed-tech products & services companies grow fast, dominate their market & prepare to sell.  John is a successful global ed-tech leader. He guides, mentors & drives companies to hit aggressive business and education goals using his hands-on management experience & technology savvy in rare combination with stellar academic credentials, strategic vision and sales expertise.


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