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Some client testimonials...
  • "John Stuppy saved our college $30,000 from just one executive briefing and allowed us to immediately reap benefits that would take years to acquire on our own."

  • "I reached out to John for advice on how to prepare my company to … maximize our value…within 18 months we successfully sold our company to a highly respected strategic industry leader. John gave us great insight as to how to fine tune and communicate our messaging to maximize our value. "

  • "Topping the list of qualities that make John Stuppy from EDUMETRIX the consummate fund-raising and business selling resource to education entrepreneurs are his deep domain experience, expansive network of professional contacts, and profound understanding of the value drivers in for-profit education. "

  • "One of the most knowledgeable people on the education industry I have met. "

  • "John is a true broad-spectrum expert in the area of education, both in the areas of content and marketing as well as his deep expertise in the technologies that support its delivery."

Fund • Grow • Dominate • Sell
John Stuppy & Rob Fiance, Education Technology, Products, Services, Consulting, Valuation, Acquire, 
Fund, Grow, Sell, Maximize Value|edumetrix.com
Building great companies & improving education.

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John Stuppy, Ph.D. & Rob Fiance at EDUMETRIX will help your education technology, product or service company get ready to secure funding, grow quickly, dominate your market and sell for the best package.  We have the experience, contacts, track record and operational & strategic know-how to make your business a success.

  • Fund:  For some clients, we help prepare them to attract and close funding.  Thinking of patenting your critical processes?  We'll help you streamline your pitch and differentiate your company.
  • Grow:  If there's a fit, clients can get in the "book bag" of our super-successful Large District Sales Force which lands 6- and 7-figure multi-year sales deals. Our seasoned professionals can also identify best-fit RFP (request for proposal) and "approved-list" opportunities and prepare strong proposals that play to your strengths.  And with our 25+ years experience each, we can connect clients with a wide and deep "Rolodex" of revenue-driving strategic partnerships.
  • Sell:  If you want to sell your business now or down the road, we can help you dominate your market, prepare exit readiness & attractiveness, exit planning, gap analysis as well as technology & Intellectual Property (IP) consulting and strategic growth and sell options.

Real Value Creation

Spectacular Results

EDUMETRIX will help your education technology, product or service business position for maximum growth & market leadership.  Use our consulting services and our exclusive Edumetrix Strategic Opportunity MapTM process to help prepare you to raise money, hit aggressive sales goals, deliver market winning & industry defining products, acquire key assets, and run a profitable operation that delights customers, beats the competition & produces excellent shareholder returns.
Funding We have helped clients secure over $500 million from top VC equity firms and strategic investors to drive growth in education on a global scale.
Selling Your Business
Our experts work with you and your management team to position and ready your company to sell for maximum value.
Rapid Growth & Aggressive Sales Goals We have a proven Large District Sales Group, successful RFP team and newsworthy Strategic Partnerships which can bring in 6- and 7-figure multi-year sales
Whether it's valuation, value enhancement, business development, marketing, sales, media relations, differentiated strategy, expert witness, technology or product development, we're here to ensure your success.
Advisory & Board
We play an active role on the advisory board or board of directors for select client companies

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