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Building great companies & improving education.
John Stuppy's & Rob Fiance's EDUMETRIX finds education & training products, services, technology and programs that work.  

  • For some clients, we secure the funding and/or provide the operations, sales, marketing, product development, technology, patent or PR/media expertise that companies need to grow FAST and  replicate, scale and dominate their market
  • If there's a fit, clients can get in the "book bag" of our super-successful Large District Sales Force which lands 6- and 7-figure multi-year sales deals.  Or take advantage of our Funded Pilots Sales Program which lands sole-source multi-year $350k to $1.5 million recurring sales.
  • Or for clients looking to sell their business now or down the road, we can provide advisory help, gap analysis, exit readiness & attractiveness, exit planning and strategic growth and sell options.

Real Value Enhancement & Rapid Growth to Exit

EDUMETRIX works with education technology, products and services clients to position companies for growth & market leadership.  Use our consulting services to help you raise money, hit aggressive sales goals, deliver market winning & industry defining products, acquire key assets, and run a profitable operation that delights customers, beats the competition & produces excellent shareholder returns.
Funding We have secured over $500 million from top VC equity firms and strategic investors to drive growth in education on a global scale.
Selling Your Business
Our experts work with you and your management team to position and ready your company to sell for maximum value.
Rapid Growth & Aggressive Sales Goals We have a proven Large District Sales Group and successful Funded Pilots Sales Program which can bring in 6- and 7-figure multi-year sales
Whether it's valuation, value enhancement, business development, marketing, sales, media relations, differentiated strategy, technology or product development, we're here to ensure your success.
Advisory & Board
We play an active role on the advisory board or board of directors for select client companies

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